In all likelihood my friend, the answer to that question is..


Yep plain old fear..

Maybe you are afraid to spend any money on traffic, because your worried nobody will buy what your selling.

Maybe your afraid to spend time building your email list, because you do not know what to write in the emails.

Maybe your afraid to do Videos, because your worried about what other people will think about you.

Maybe you just do not really believe in your self, because life has not turned out for you very well so far.

Maybe truly, it is just the fear of failure, and all of your actions thus far project that into everything you try and do.


What ever fear you have, you need to get over it, and kick it’s ass to the curb, because if you do not, you will live your whole life in fear mode..

And if you’re NOT HAPPY with where you’re at right now as you’re reading this…

You need to pivot.

To be your own person and really call your own shots, you need to do 3 things:
1. Take action, do not let your fears stop you
2. Take a risk…And take some chances
3. Invest in your own success

Because if you refuse to do any of these, you’ll wake up tomorrow and do the same thing:

Same job…
Same life…
Same bank account balance…

You get it.

You will live one of those life’s where you will ALWAYS wish you had, and you will blame everyone and everything else for all of your financial despair.

Change all starts with YOU taking action, nothing will change unless you do

Taking action is how you kick fears ass, and take control of the direction of your life my friend!

” Repetition in doing something over and over again, is the mother of all skill”


This is the key to mastering anything!

Just think about anything that you became really good at, how did you?

You did it over and over again..

You can have all the training in the world, but if you never use it, nothing happens!

Let us help you to greatness, our team is changing lives and we would like to help you change yours..

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To your absolute success!
Richard And John Weberg

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