Now LifeStyle has the ABSOLUTE best compensation plans we have ever seen or participated in, over a combined 25+ years of experience for John and I in the industry, and nothing has ever even came close to as good as this is!

You have 4 different ways you will make commissions.

1. Personal commissions
2. Binary commissions
3. Pass ups, from non qualified re-sellers
4. Top Tier commissions – NLS Professional Course

We will start with the cost to participate in the Now LifeStyle compensation plans.

1. $50.00 Monthly – Anyone can get started building their business and earning commissions at this price point.

With this $50.00 monthly package, you will be a re-seller for and own the autoresponder, web conferencing software, lead capture system, and the Now Body health and wellness package.

Now LifeStyle re-seller package highlights.



Owning this re-seller product package, you are then entitled to earn $25.00 commissions from every one you personally refer to purchase this package. And as long as they own this package you keep making commissions on it.

Owning this re-seller product package, you also are entitled to earn 20% commissions on all physical product sales, such as the supplements. You will earn this 20% on any of your personal referrals when they purchase any of supplement products. You are not required to purchase the supplements to earn commissions from the sale of them, but of course as you gain knowledge of there benefits, and the impact they are having on other peoples health, you will of course naturally purchase them, just like most people do who have joined us!!


Plus ++ Yep, we are not done yet…

Owning this re-seller product package, also enables you to participate in the Now LifeStyle binary compensation plan, and over time these commissions from building a team will get massive!!

Now LifeStyle Binary Compensation Plan video


YEP, all those commissions from owning one $50.00 monthly package!!

Supplement sales help fuel the binary compensation plan.

And no we are not done yet…

How about some Top Tier commissions??

We have a Top Tier Product you can earn one-time $500.00+ commissions over and over again, but you must also own it.

2. NLS Professional Course- Cost is a one-time payment of $997.00 up to $1497.00. Depending upon when you purchase it. If you purchase it right away in the first 7 days after joining Now LifeStyle it is $997.00.

This course is totally optional, but highly recommended, these add up to some huge commissions, the more personal people you refer that end up purchasing it, the more Top Tier $500.00+ commissions you will make!

Otherwise if you do not own it, these commissions will simply pass up to your sponsor who does own it, this is where the pass up commissions come from.

This is only the beginning of what is to come…Now Lifestyle soon will be adding even more products we all will earn massive commissions from, including a fully customize-able HTML5 Video Conferencing and Web Conferencing software. Ever heard of Zoom..? Well, very soon we will have our own..

And remember that state-of-the-art data center located in Schertz, Texas that I mentioned on the prior page that Now LifeStyle (GVO) owns. They established this data center 7 years before multi-billion dollar even found out about this top technology business park! This is a massive advantage, technology, is all about fiber optics! This shows you how smart the company and CEO, Joel Therien are!


This truly is the most REAL, and exciting business opportunity we have ever had the privilege to be part of and share. We take the sharing of this opportunity very, very seriously..

We are not looking to drag along tire kickers and professional program joiners, it is why this blog is totally dedicated to sharing the Now LifeStyle opportunity. Remember our time, and financial resources directly impact all of our personal team members. You learned in the above video how every person we put in your team helps you earn in the binary compensation plan.

So if you are one of these people that does nothing after joining something, or quits after a week, a month, etc, we do not want you to join our team, it will only waste your time and ours.

We are only looking for people who take building a life changing income online very seriously..

So if this is you, then you can join our Now LifeStyle Dream Team by clicking here now. Make sure and purchase the $50.00 monthly package immediately after joining, so we can begin helping you build your team. You can not earn nothing if you do nothing..

Next, click here and check out our Now LifeStyle Team Leaders Page, you want to strive to be honored on this page. These are true action takers going after it all!!

To your absolute success!
Richard Weberg And John Weberg

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