So you want to build a online business and make some money, but you believe you are broke and have none to grow or start it with..Well maybe you actually do, you just do not know where to find the money from…I believe this may help you..

Are you letting your NASTY habits destroy YOUR future..?


We all know soda pop is nasty for your health, but have you ever really thought about what a bad soda pop habit could do to your financial future?? Now soda pop may not be one of your bad habit’s, but once upon a time it was certainly one of mine.

I was addicted to pop bad..Hell, you would have sworn, I owned the company I drank pop so much, it was like a bottle of pop was glued to my hand.

I was one of those people who walked around with a bottle of pop in my hands every where I went, and instead of going to the grocery store and purchasing a 12 pack, I would stop at the gas station and purchase it for a much higher price.

..And at the time when I drank pop the most, I was also the most broke I ever was..


This is one of the things I gave up when I first started building my online business. I knew I had to give it up, because even though I was bankrupt and living in welfare housing, I always found money some how to spend on pop..

One time I added up how much I spent on average on pop in a month, over $200 bucks a month!! Insane, I know…It was destroying my future..

That money I could have been spending on my online business and the rebuilding of my future, so I said enough is enough and kicked soda pop to the curb.

Sure it was hard as hell, had headaches for about two weeks, and felt like absolute shit, but I knew I needed that money to reclaim my future and I was not about to let some NASTY pop habit get in the way or destroy it!

A long the way there were other habits as well that I gave up, some of these habits take away from our lives, and we let them…

So the real question is this: Where do you find the money to build your online business, when you are completely broke.?

Short answer: Look at your daily habit’s, where and what are you spending YOUR money on?

I found over $200 monthly in my pop habit alone!

I want to give you another example:

A good friend of mine, use to complain all the time how broke he was, and would try and borrow $5 here and there from everyone. Most of the people who knew him would get seriously annoyed by his constant asking for money. One day, I could see he was getting very stressed out and offered to help him out..I knew he was getting way behind on his bills.

So I eventually sat him down, and the first thing I said to him, was that we were going to look at his daily spending habit’s, he looked at me very perplexed..I think he thought I was going to just borrow him money or something..

Long story short, after going over his daily spending habits, we found out where all of his money was going. He and his wife both had a bad soda pop habit, plus he smoked and him and his wife and kids were also eating out almost every single night!!

Wammo..$1100.00 monthly!!


They were absolutely shocked, they had no idea that they were spending that amount of money monthly, just on those three things..

Now, I would like to report to you today, that they changed their spending habits and that they are doing financially wonderful today, but they didn’t and they are not.

My friend actually had a heart attach at 37 years old from all the stress, smoking, pop and eating at fast food joints..I am glad he did finally quit smoking though, but the other things he is still doing..

I did not mean to get off topic there a bit, but really I didn’t, bad habits can be the death of you financially and literally kill you..

There are million ways you could use $1100.00 monthly to improve your future and build your income online, not only in getting you financially better off but improving your health as well!!

Everyday I get support questions and emails from people letting me know how bad they are doing financially and asking me where to get the money they need to build a business and income online..

And my response is simple..

Find it..

And if you literally have no limiting bad habits sucking away your money, well then you better either sell some stuff you do not need, or get a second job then, because if you do not, your money problems will never go away..

Pack your own lunch, you know how cheap a sandwich made from home is compared to buying lunch out, quit drinking pop, quit smoking, only buy gas at gas stations, everything else in there is to high priced, etc, etc, etc………

Richard Weberg’s Story

I turned to internet marketing in 2003 because our local economy was literally in the toilet!
My first two years I started marketing online, I didn’t have a pot to piss in, I was actually bankrupt, I lost my retail businesses, my house, my cars, everything (even my wife, she couldn’t take the poverty).

The economy here where I lived absolutely tanked! The mall where one of my stores was became a barren wasteland.
I was actually living in subsidized housing, but the one thing
​I never did was give up!

There is a saying, and it is 100% completely true “If the dream is big enough the facts do not count!”

Sacrifice temporary, so you can have a bountiful harvest the rest of your life!

Let us help you to greatness, our team is changing lives and we would like to help you change yours..

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