We believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that Now LifeStyle is the greatest health and wealth opportunity of the 21st century!

The Now LifeStyle business opportunity launched February 7th of 2017, and is not quite a year old as
of the date of writing this: 01/26/2018. We jumped on board and started building a team from day 1.

We have personally known the owner and CEO,
Joel Therien for years, and I have actually been paid
from Joel Therien and the parent company of Now LifeStyle, (GVO)
for over a decade already.

This is a picture of me, my son John, Joel Therien, and his
partner Mike Potvin in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico,
where we spent 10 days together.






One of the things we really want to stress is that this is a REAL company, with a
state of the art data center located in Schertz, Texas.​

​Now Lifestyle Headquarters Location​

Global Virtual Opportunities INC, 6701
Guada Coma Dr. Schertz, Texas, USA, 78154.

GVO the parent company owns and operates its complete infrastructure. There is absolutely no middle man when it comes to GVO!

Their hosting and marketing systems which we use in Now LifeStyle are developed and implemented from servers in their state-of-the-art data center. They are rock solid financially!

Joel Therien has been involved in this industry for over 2 decades! And his company has a proven track record.

Joel (GVO) has has already paid out over $200,000,000.00 in commissions, and plans to build Now LifeStyle into a billion dollar company over the next few years! The Now LifeStyle opportunity it self may be fairly new, but the company and track record are not.

Unfortunately, 98% of everything online, most people are trying to promote and earn money with, is nothing more, then a guy or gal sitting behind a computer screen, who bought a make money online script, and put it up on some web hosting…

Most of these programs are pure crap, and you will never make anything with them. This is a real business!


  • Have you ever had a program online not pay you what you were owed?
  • Have you ever sent in a support ticket and the so called business (program) never responds?
  • Have you ever promoted some program, and it has vanished, never to be seen again?
  • Have you ever fallen for investment schemes, ones that promise you daily interest or a return on an investment, including ones with bitcoin, or revenue share programs?

By the way that is the definition of an illegal ponzi scheme, no one can promise interest on money spent, that is illegal, no matter how you word it.

​What are some of the most important features of this company that separate Now LifeStyle from all the junk out there, other then it is a real company?


1. They have real physical products and is consumer driven, meaning people actually buy the product,
who are not interested in building a business. Cool concept right?

You actually have customers…This means you still make money some of the time, when people are not interested
in building it as a business..




2. Multiple types of products, yes, they have more then one product type people can purchase. This is an absolute must, as well as number 1, because this expands the number of potential people who will purchase something and remain a customer. The products we have access to purchase and sell, consist of two different niches.

a. Make money online: Internet marketing tools, digitally delivered online.
b. Health and wellness: Both digitally delivered online and physical consumable products.

These are two of the highest growth niches there are!

3. MLM, many companies have a multi-tiered compensation plan of some kind. Now LifeStyle is the first hybrid of its kind in the MLM space.

There is no other health and wellness company that provides both commission-able internet marketing tools, including an autoresponder and full lead capture system, and consumable physical, digital products as Now LifeStyle does.

Now LifeStyle even offers guaranteed paid personal downline sign ups, this is an industry first!!


I want you to think about these next few questions very

1. How many times have you done a search online
for something to do with your health and wellness?

2. How many products have you or your family
bought over the years online or offline, including gym
memberships, books, weight loss equipment or that have
any thing to do with losing weight, getting healthier, or specialty vitamins or

3. How many people in this world are looking to make extra money??

4. How many people in this world are looking to improve the quality of their life?


I am sure by now you can see how these two niches offer the best of both worlds, and with a proven successful track record, that the CEO, Joel Therien and his company have, Now LifeStyle will be the next billion dollar MLM company in the health and wellness niche


And we have not even mentioned the compensation plans yet..They are incredible!

So click here now, so we can share the Now LifeStyle compensation plans with you.


Deciding upon what me and John market and why, we take very seriously,
and we have made Now LifeStyle our business and home.And this will be home for us
for many years, decades to come..

To your absolute success!
Richard Weberg And John Weberg

Now Life Style™ Get Fit And A Fat Wallet!
Products and a compensation plans designed for massive wealth!

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