Hey my Friends, We hope you are having a fabulous day!!

Today we thought we would share with you, the replay of a Now LifeStyle webinar me and John did live on Facebook a couple days ago.. We do these webinars every Wednesday for all the members of Now LifeStyle.


In this webinar replay we uploaded to YouTube, we walk through basically the entire Now LifeStyle Compensation plans, and the company as a whole.

We really want to get all of your questions answered, and share with you, why we have made Now LifeStyle our home, and why you should too!

You can join us every Wednesday for our live Now LifeStyle webinars at 5pm Pacific, 7pm Central and 8pm Eastern.


Live at: => http://www.nowlifestyle.com/live/?id=richardandjohn

Have a wonderful weekend!
Richard And John Weberg

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