I had poverty thinking when I first started marketing online, but the longer I kept marketing the more my thinking changed..

Eventually I understood, that just because a business opportunity or product was cheap, it did not mean that I would make a ton of money selling it.

Think about it this way..

If a product or business opportunity cost $20.00 and you get paid a 50% commission, how many sales does it take to make $500.00 monthly?

$10 commission x 50 sales equals $500.00 a month.

So you would need to make 50 sales to make a whopping $500 in a month..Okay, now think about how many sales it would take, if the product or service was even cheaper then that, say $10 and you made a 50% commission, so your commission would only be $5 a sale, so now you need to make 100 sales in a month to make a whopping $500…


The cheaper the product or service is, the less money you make, and the more sales you have to make to earn the same sum of money..

Now here is what me and my son have learned after 25 + combined years of internet marketing experience. It takes just as much time, energy, and effort to make a sale of something that cost $10, as it does to make a sale of something that cost $500, because you still have to use the exact same process to make every sale.

Poverty thinking will keep you broke online, and keep your income on a roller coaster ride, no matter what you are promoting, and no matter if it is MLM, that uses leverage..

In MLM if you are promoting something that literally cost next to nothing and you only have 1 product, your entire downline will quit, long before anyone earns much money..

Take a look at this..

How many steps must you take to get to $500,000 dollars​ in commissions​?

$500,000.00 commission​ ​– 1 Step
$100,000.00 commission ​​– 5 Steps
$50,000,00 commission ​​– 10 Steps
$25,000.00 commission – 20 Steps
$10,000.00 commission – 50 Steps
$5000.00 commission – 100 Steps
$2500.00 commission – 200 steps
$1000.00 commission – 500 steps
$500.00 commission – 1000 steps
$100.00 commission – 5000 steps
$10.00 commission – 50,000 steps

Its all in the math..pretty revealing eh?

Think it’s easier to take 1000 steps or 50,000?

I have been trying to convey this message for a very long time, so many people who try to make money online, do not get this fact.

And I was guilty of not getting it for years myself, I’m a hard
learner and it took me a while to realize the importance of

That promoting only products or programs with very small commissions, takes way to much effort to make any real money online.

It truly is easier as you build your email list to promote and make 1 sale for a $500 in a month, then it is to promote and make 50 sales for $10 commissions each..
And seriously from experience I have done it both ways, and the fact is, I spent way less time, money and effort, getting the 1 – $500 commission then I did getting the 50- $10 ones..

This is important for many reasons, first off, the average
marketer can not get 50 sales in a month, you have to be a
super affiliate to do this. So my question is, are you a super

Do you think you will be one in the next 6 months?

If not how long, or how many years do you want it to take you to make $500 a month consistently?

And now we are only talking $500 a month, how many $10 commissions would it take you to get to $3000 a month..Yep you guessed it 300!!

UGGGGG..Can you do that?

This is why so many give up and fail, they try and promote
products and services that have no bigger commissions
attached to them, so they quit, because they are making crap for their effort…

The longer your involved in internet marketing, the more you will realize to make real money online, you have to get serious and treat this like a real honest to goodness business..

You have to put some skin in the game, and go after it..Your not going to get anywhere with a $20 program or product…Yea, sure it looks appealing, hey its only $20 bucks to join, you make $10 bucks, but when you finally do the math, and look at your sales, you will realize that it will never get you to your goals and dreams…And this time next year you will still be making next to nothing for your effort!!

So, whats the answer?

First off, you would need to promote something that has multiple products with multiple cost that are tiered and have multiple ways for you to earn scaled up commissions with leverage, like in MLM. This should be part of the same product or program promotion, so you earn more commissions without any further effort on your part, and ideally have consumable products as well.

This is why Now LifeStyle is our opportunity of choice and why this blog is centered around it. Now LifeStyle not only has the right product mix and compensation plans, they give you all the tools and resources you need to sell them and have massive success, without having to figure out and create all this stuff your self!

To your absolute success!
Richard ​And John ​Weberg

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