Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer And Heart Disease are killing millions of people every year, and at a alarming rate!!

Is your health truly important to you?

If not, it should be…

We always tend to think we are going to live forever..And do not put much thought into our health sometimes until it is too late..I was on this path. As a internet marketer the last 15 years, I quit paying as much attention to my health because I was always busy working online, and slowly each year, I put on more and more weight..It was not until I joined Now LifeStyle, that I finally took a look at and realized what I had done to my self physically…It was truly one of those “oh my God moments”, when I finally was ready to step on a scale..

See Obesity is on major rise (regardless of what I did to my self ) and has been for years, and with many diseases this is where it all starts..Eating waaaaaaay to much of the wrong foods, and getting very little exercise, pretty soon before we know it, we are FAT and unhealthy!

A June 2017 Forbes article reported, one in 10 people on Earth are now (Obese), and that number is expected to rise. This means that out of the 7.5 billion people on earth, 750 million of us are obese..Now that is only the people who are obese ( grossly fat or overweight)

In total about 2.2 billion people around the world are either overweight or obese, and it is leading to health problems and a rising number of deaths, according to a new study.

That means about 30 percent of the world’s population suffers from excess weight, said the researchers behind the study. No country has successfully reduced obesity rates in 33 years, the percentage is increasing every year.

Now some of you reading this maybe asking at this point, well what does this have to do with the Now LifeStyle opportunity and making more money?



See, Now LifeStyle is about so much more then just making more money in your life, because with out your health, all the money in the world isn’t worth anything.

Now LifeStyle is about improving your health and wellness, through education and products that can have a dramatic affect on your quality of life, as well as putting more money in your bank account..

So in today’s blog post I thought I would talk about obesity and disease and how it crept up on me, because I was always sitting in front of my computer screen, becoming more and more inactive..I was so focused on my wealth, I forgot about my health!


Being over weight can really take ones life and downturn it, when you are overweight, slowly it starts to affect the quality of your daily life. Not only did I become grossly over weight, as a side effect of my eating habits and inactivity, I also got chronic heartburn and acid reflux that lasted for over two years!

I can now happily report, that since joining Now LifeStyle 10 months ago, not only have I made tons of money, but my weight has dropped by a few pounds every single month, and my heartburn and acid reflux are totally gone, yes vanished!

Through the Now LifeStyle education I learned more about how truly beneficial fiber is to our over all health, and I started purchasing our Now LifeStyle fiber product, and immediately started experiencing the benefits. My appetite went way down, and after three weeks of taking the recommended daily amount, my heart burn and acid reflux went away completely.

There are many people who suffer needlessly everyday as I did for years, it is amazing to think, that something as simple as getting the right amount of fiber in your diet can stop there suffering..

Click here to see what the Mayo Clinic says about Fiber.


Now LifeStyle has given me a complete focus in my life, now I concentrate on both my health and my wealth, and it is all part of my business and my lifestyle. Now I get healthier and wealthier at the same time!

So come on and join us, help us spread the word my friend!
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