Yesterday was the able to be debated, first most important lesson you will learn in ANY business.


Investment. In yourself, and your future.


And for many of our readers, yesterday over 57 of which agreed with our messaging

and joined our family because they knew that their future was important to them.




Their is a 2nd more important task, that EVEN MORE people forget about.


You know what it is?



Because you can invest some time here, some money here, yada yada.

But if you don’t do it, every day. Or every week.

You’ll fail?


Think about anything you’ve ever done in your life worth while,

has taken an investment of time, money, or energy.


And almost all of those which are worth the investment, take training,

and hard work.

There are NO substitutes.


Have you ever heard of a ripped and fit person, who ONLY worked out once?


Have you heard of a best-seller, who ONLY sent 1 email, to 1 person and became a sensation?




You have to be consistent, otherwise your investments will FAIL and you will

be STUCK in the same spot you are now.


Does that sound like it would feel good, or terrible?

How does it sound to tell your family you can’t take them on vacation, or that you can’t give them what they want?


It’s horrendous, and YOU can do better than that.



#1. Investing in yourself and your future.

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Be ready, and make sure you’re consistent…

Because that will drive your life and success forward.


With our kindest regards,

John Weberg

Richard Weberg

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