It’s been the staple and most significant reason every business, in every industry,

in the entire world, has relied upon.


It drives each and every economy and drives forward all jobs, careers, and things worth while.


Without telling you what, IT is, I’m going to show you…



In these 3 pictures, there is around $2,400 spent, in this month ALONE…

NOT on any advertising…

NOT on anything personal…


For investing in our future, and the business…


The key word, and lesson today, is investing.

In YOUR, own future.


Now I don’t know how much you have to spend a month?


Maybe it’s $1,000, maybe it’s $250, or maybe it’s $50 right now.

Whatever you’ve decided your budget is, you need to think of it, as an investment.

For your future.

For your families future.

For whatever you care about, your business, needs your investment.


The reason I brought up this basic but critical point is…

It’s forgotten.


We often worry so much about how much this or that costs,

and so much more when it comes to building a business or company…

We forget, that it’s an investment…


Which means, you will at some point earn more, or reap a larger benefit, than what you spent or put in.


But ONLY, if you keep putting in an investment.

Each, and every day.


Whether it’s your time, money, energy…


The pictures above and the cost of them, is to show that once you put in a LARGE investment as well, there is a LARGE pay off.


Every leader, in any industry, who’s worth their salt, will say the same thing.


And we know, that you know this is true as well.

So, now it’s YOUR move.


What is YOUR future worth to you?



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Is your future income and life, less or more, important than 2 slices of pizza?

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What, is your future worth to you?


With our kindest regards,

John Weberg

Richard Weberg

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