Now with over 50,000 affiliates in a little more than a year….


That feat of accomplishment, means nothing.


Yes, that’s right, not squat.

Not even 1 squat.


Do you know why?


As the title of this suggests…

You still might not even comprehend what’s coming. And what, is about to take place.


Melaleuca, has became a $2 billion dollar company. ONLY from mainly physical product sales.

Which is fantastic!


Herbalife, has became a multi-billion dollar company. ONLY from mainly physical product sales!

Which is also awesome…


And Now Lifestyle…


Is going to utterly destroy and move past them faster than a stampede of wild buffalo.


BECAUSE… Now Lifestyle has both physical products AND digital products!

Combined, with these things that Herbalife and Melaleuca still DO NOT and NEVER will offer.


Now Lifestyle has built into it a full blown state of the art…

  • Autoresponder
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  • Conference software
  • Daily live video training
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  • Custom page builder

And guess what?


You recieve ALL of the above included absolutely free with becoming a reseller…

At LESS of a cost then Melalecua and Herbalife and any other health and fitness company in

the industry!












Do you see how powerful that is?


And that’s exactly why Now Lifestyle is going to become not just a BILLION dollar company very soon.


But also why it’s going to far surpass Herbalife and Melaleuca.


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Johnathan Weberg

Richard Weberg

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