Finally, a autoresponder built by a true email marketer! We are talking about someone who has been involved in the make money online niche for over 18 years..That understands what we truly need in a autoresponder..

We have already been using Send shark for about a year now, and the open rates are off of the charts, higher than any autoresponder service we have ever used! Send Shark is one of the many products provided to us by Now LifeStyle. Every product we have access to use, we have the ability to sell as well.

And we are now launching Send Shark and making it available to the general public..It was originally available only to Now LifeStyle members. Now it is available to all internet marketers..

Email marketing is still the number 1 method to get sales online.

When you have your own email list, you never have to worry about where your “traffic” is going to come from…

It also provides a better ROI than social media.

58% of all Internet users check their email first thing in the morning and about 9 out of 10 people check it daily…

A big problem marketers face is emails not getting delivered, and autoresponder fees can get very expensive as your list grows.

Over 60% of emails sent get rejected as “spam”…

Well, not no more, now there is an autoresponder built by a email marketer for email marketers, at a tenth of the cost!!


Richard And John Weberg

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