Yes! The money has changed our lives… NO, that’s not what we care about the most. Truly, and here’s why…


When my dad Richard Weberg & myself, both got started trying to create an

income online…


Both, of the years we individually got started…For the first

ENTIRE 2 years… We made NOTHING… We scrounged, spent our time… We spent our money…


And we LOST. Over, and over, and over, and over, and OVER again.
Met with failure, banging our head against the wall and quite frankly.




That we had put in our soul, and got NOTHING out.


Until we both, at different times, finally discovered both list building, and a place we could call…Home.

And every since we’ve gotten started, there has been 1.

And only one.


Aspect of business that has always remained the same.

The people.


And the fact that we both have insanely struggled with this “stuff” at some point in our lives.


You meet, enjoy the time with, and learn to LOVE, like family, the people you meet over the years.

You hear horrendous stories of struggle, some of success, and many of those wanting to get started

and change the lives of themselves and their families.


No matter the money coming in whether it be small, none, or a ton. YOU, have been here with us.

Reading this now, taking a part in our community, and participating in us all moving forward.


And YOU, make this business worth it. Meeting many of you in person,

and talking to some of you for hours on end on skype.


YOU, have changed us. And we thank you SO much for all that you have done, and that you will do.


We will continue to struggle together, and we will continue to succeed together!!

Thank God for family!


SPECIAL Note* If you haven’t found your tribe, or your family yet.

And you want to finally find a community and company to decide to have as your home.


To have thousands of us behind your back. And to enjoy all of the training, and everything you need

to create the income and lifestyle you deserve…


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With our kindest regards,

John Weberg

Richard Weberg

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