Let me tell you a quick story..

I started marketing over 15 years ago…


I turned to internet marketing in 2003 because
our local economy was literally in the toilet!

My first two years I started marketing online, I
didn’t have a pot to piss in, I was actually
bankrupt, I lost my retail businesses, my house,
my cars, everything (even my wife, she couldn’t
take the poverty).

The economy here where I lived absolutely tanked!
The mall where one of my stores was became a
barren wasteland. I was actually living in
subsidized housing, but the one thing I never cut
back on was investing in my self or my internet
business, I kept plugging away.

Want to see the mall where my stores were watch

What I did instead, was quit drinking pop,
coffee, turned off my cable and everything else I
could live with out, and said, alright, now the
rest is up to me, I will never quit until I make
this work….period!

See I had no money, no support, hell my own wife
did not believe in me anymore, she actually
laughed at me..

Hence one of the reasons I divorced her..The repo
man, actually took my car away..I had hid it for
a while..lol, but he found it..

So my circumstances were very crushing.. and at
the time I was very depressed, because of the
problems me and the wife were having..

I had a dream..And I focused on that dream, I
hated my circumstances and I wanted rid of them..

I literally cried sometimes at my computer while
working, because I needed this to work so bad..

The defining moment was when my now ex-wife
laughed at me, at that moment I made a decision
that I would be successful doing this stuff no
matter how long it took!!


The dream kept me moving forward..

and in 2009 I achieved freedom..

Dog gone it, I cried, I went through massive
frustration, I was broke, I was depressed, I got
divorced, I herniated two disc in my back, had
back surgery, left my legs numb, that depressed
me some more..


But I kept fighting, and in 2009 I was free..

See, If your dream is big enough, the facts don’t
count!! Yea it took me 6 years, but who the hell
cares, I made it, my life now and has been for
years absolutely wonderful and highly blessed…

Because I had a dream..And the determination to
never give up..

When money is no longer a looming issue in your

Ever heard the saying, when poverty knocks on the
door, love fly’s out the window..?

Yes, even my relationships are better, been very
happily re-married for the last 11+ years..

Me and my wife never have to address money
issues, because there are none…

When money does not dictate everything you do,
life is a trillion times better..

You are truly living…


This is what we want for you my friend..

If I can do it, so can you..

You just have to gut it out, crawl, scratch and
fight for it!!

Never give up on your dreams, and we will never
give up on you!

To your absolute success my friends!
Your Friends
Richard And John Weberg

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