PayPal, the Goliath Bully, may be freezing and limiting

accounts on their suicidal path to destroy marketers and

program owners…


But you don’t have to cower in fear! 


Hopefully you have not been affected yet, as it is very

saddening for us to hear about yet another person getting

their Paypal account Permanently closed.. 

The solution is something we learned long ago, ever heard

the saying..?


 “Do not put all your eggs in one basket”


See this is not the first time Paypal has done this, they

have actually done it several times over the last 15 years

I have been doing this stuff..


We made sure to always vary the things we were promoting

and getting paid by, so no one payment processor could take

us down for the count..


Right now, as many of you all know, the main Opportunity

and system we promote is Now LifeStyle, which is owned by

our parent company GVO..


They do not use Paypal, and have not used them for over 10

years, in fact they stay far away from Paypal..They seen

the writing on the wall years ago..


Our CEO, Joel Therien is VERY SMART and is very PRO-active!


 If you are proactive, you make things happen, instead of

waiting for them to happen to you. So if you are proactive,

you are ready before something happens. The opposite is

being reactive, or waiting until it is to late before



This is one of the key reasons, we are aligned with Now

LifeStyle and our CEO, Joel Therien..We like to be a head

of the crowd..


The crowd has no vision or leadership..and is reactive and

waits tell it is almost too late..


Being paid by 1 company for over a DECADE is pretty

smart..There are not many programs online that last even

two years..Let a lone over 10 years..


Be smart like us, and choose Pro-Active!


To Your Absolute Success

Your Friends And Partners

Richard And John Weberg

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