3 months from now you’ll be wondering….

WOW…I should have jumped in on this. Why didn’t I?


The biggest game changer for most people looking to reach the 6,7 figure level –

Insight to the future. And seeing the change, before it happens.


You can watch these videos, that I made many months ago –

And just envision for yourself. The future that’s coming, especially after you read what else I have to say next;)



Watch that video BEFORE you read on, so you know what’s ahead 🙂


So here’s what upcoming 🙂


#1. Health and fitness side – about to explode.

You know it’s a T, yes with a capital T… TRILLION dollar industry?


We’re about to revamp and show you how the health and fitness side will explode your

income – like gangbusters. Like a volcano. New things, great things coming:)


#2. The unlimited subscriber and page – builder launch. Will bring in

literally millions of dollars, for those who promote it:)


Be ready, we’ll have the link ready for you as soon as we can.


#3. Richard, myself, Joel, and the video producer JB for Now lifestyle, all traveled to Vegas

and masterminded with some of the top producers, in the world.


We’re connecting together, and all figured out some new and awesome ways to

bring ALL of us, farther and faster then ever before.


You see, simple education and mentorship is what brings YOU,

and anyone to another level in their mindset and skill set.


So be ready for what’s coming next, we promise we will never dissapoint you!


There are some BIG names coming here, you’ll want to stay and build with them.

We’re a family, and all together!


Again, watch this video, get access to our $497 a day funnel, and…

SEE the future.




With our kindest regards,

John Weberg

Richard Weberg