The Dream is alive and well!!

Some people have a dream of being a doctor, teacher or a fireman, I did not know what I wanted to be when I was all grown up. In school this is all your taught as a kid, go get an education so you can go get a good job..But none of those jobs interested me..All I knew was I did not want to work for some one else for 40 years.

Now I know every one is different, but, I never wanted to work 40 years for a company, and hopefully be in good health still when I finally retired, and look forward to budgeting out my remaining years according to a pension and social security..Now some people are okay with that, but I wasn’t, I was always a big dreamer, someone who just was not satisfied with the status quo.. I wanted financial independence!

Even as a young kid, watching adults, that rut of going home to work, home to work, never appealed to me..


So as I grew into my late teens and early twenties I was constantly searching out business ideas, I would read opportunity magazines, investment books all the time, my brain was always thinking there has to be a better way..And I knew it was not by working for someone else..

I was presented with the Amway opportunity when I was in my early twenties, and was an Amway distributor for around 6 years..This is what truly started my journey and formed my whole understanding of what being financially free could be like..I wanted to be a Amway Diamond, so bad I could taste it!! Diamond was the level that most signified Financial freedom in the Amway organization..

But that never happened, all of the financial education I learned in those 6 years from attending seminars, and functions, I was not putting into practical use in my own life..So I eventually sold my Amway distributorship to my upline, because I had worked my self into a mound of debt, that I did not see anyway out of..

Now I may have quit Amway, but I did not let my dream of financial freedom die..


I got three jobs and worked my self out of that debt. Eventually going back to the self employed route, and started doing very well. I formed a partnership with one of my good friends, and we opened a retail store together..A couple years later our local economy went in the toilet, and wiped us out, bankrupt..

Yep, backwards again, could not find a job, I actually had to move my family into welfare housing..Sucked!! My life was filled with these ups and downs..I was tired of it..I was not learning from my mistakes, I kept repeating them..

I eventually found a job, started working again, and while living in welfare housing I discovered internet marketing..This is when I got my thought process right, and actually started applying those lessons I learned while I was in Amway. I started saving and investing some of my money, and I kept working a job while building my business..

Fast forward 15 years later..I am 47 years old now, and have not worked for anyone else since I was 39..And I am extremely proud and excited to announce today, that me and my son John, have been building our business with a company Now LifeStyle the last year and a half, and have achieved the level of Diamond!!

This is Our Diamond Dance!



Over the years, there is one understanding, I have learned oh to well..That you can be broke at any level of income, if you spend all of your money..This is one of the things the last 15 years, I have worked the hardest on accomplishing, saving and investing more money than I spend, because true wealth is learning how to be in control of money, and not having it control us..

That feeling of living paycheck to paycheck, and always running out of money, before you run out of month..That is why, I never settled for the status quo..It is no fun, when something costly breaks down, or has to be replaced, and you have to beg, borrow or plead for help to get it done..

This is the one pursuit in this journey I have taken that was instilled in me over 23 years ago when I joined Amway, the pursuit of financial independence. I never let that dream die, no matter how many u turns over the years I have had to take..One way or another I was going to get there!

So today is a very proud achievement, that we will only relish in for a moment,
because now it is time to head onto “Double Diamond” so that we can do a new dance!

This can also be your opportunity, your chance, and your key and a door to finally having the income and lifestyle you WANT…


Are you ready to finally move forward and change your life for the better?

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