As we build our own email list, from time to time, we reach
people who have no experience with email marketing, and do
not know how a person makes money online. So they will join
us in Now LifeStyle, and than pose the question to us..

How do I actually make money with Now LifeStyle..?

Getting Started in Now LifeStyle

First off, realize that this is not a job, you have joined
a business opportunity, one that can lead you to financial
freedom. This process will take time, but that is the first
thing you need to give your self is some time, so relax, do
not panic, you are just getting started, and will learn a
few things along the way. This stuff is not complicated,
but it may seem so at first, just as if you started a brand
new job, and didn’t know exactly what to do yet.

In this process of building your business, it will take
some time, and some money. Remember this is not a job, but
a truly once in a lifetime REAL business opportunity. In
building your Now LifeStyle Business you will learn the
process of email marketing, which Now LifeStyle has already
created everything you will need to do so. If you want to
learn more of how email marketing works, please watch this.



The first thing you want to, is upgrade your account if you
have not yet, to the $50.00 monthly package. With this
$50.00 monthly package, you will be a re-seller for and own
the autoresponder, lead capture system, and the Now Body
health and wellness package.

This will entitle you to earn $25 monthly commissions from
your personal referrals who purchase this package, these
commissions can add up very fast.. Please also see how
truly exciting this opportunity can be here, this is the
full comp plan.

You generate these commissions, by building your email list
using the Now LifeStyle lead capture pages and following up
by email through the message system in your back office, in
these follow up emails you are encouraging people to join
you in Now LifeStyle, by sending them your main affiliate
links, and offers. As people join you in Now LifeStyle and
purchase the product packages, like when they become a
reseller, and purchase the autoresponder and health and
wellness package for 50.00, you then make a commission.
Anytime one your referrals purchases any of the physical
nutritional products you make a commission as well.

After you have personally sponsored 1 person in your left leg,
and 1 person in your right leg, you also then qualify for
the binary commissions, which are calculated off of the
total volume of sales, between your right and left leg
(This is where non personal referrals help you build the
binary commissions). You also can make commissions off of
the NLS Pro university products if you own it as well.

You can choose depending on your experience to generate
your own traffic to your lead capture pages by either using
free or paid traffic or both.

Or you can simply buy Guaranteed paid sign ups and or leads
directly through the company.



As you build your business, please watch the videos in your
back office and attend the webinars and ask for help when
you get stuck. We are all a giant team and here to help you
succeed. Just remember it will take some time to build and
learn a little bit, but I assure you, it is not difficult.

Me and my son John, have already generated over $100,000.00
in income from Now LifeStyle, and so have other people in
your upline, some have made even more than this. This is
your best chance at changing your life and being
successful, you are at the right place, at the right time,
with the right people, and the right company!



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Have a fabulous day!
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