It’s my 20th birthday party today, and I’m so thankful.


For my family, for my friends, and for my life and those around me.

The Layla puppy girl, and the food, simply everything…

Out of all of my blessings, I have one more thing to ask, of you.



Except what I’m asking isn’t for me. This is for you.

I know this will help you, damn, I can guarantee it…



It’s paid for 5 all inclusive vacations, all of my expenses, my insurances, my house, my new dog, my new grill,

my everything….


And by following the next step forward, by following this birthday wish, you can change your entire



And your future.


Here’s the video to watch, it’s very personal…


Let me know if you can fulfill this birthday wish…


It’s for you!

I’m 20 now!:)


With my kindest regards,


John Weberg

Richard Weberg

Some quick pics from my Birthday 🙂

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