All of these emails…All of this excitement and what you’ve been hearing for over a year now…


What’s the point?


Why have we ONLY been talking about one thing, and one thing only…

WHY…Have we stuck,  while others have come and gone. Because don’t get me wrong.

In the past few years, we’ve seen and been a part of many

different opportunities…Businesses….Yada yada… They ALL failed us too.


But. This one we’ve stuck with…WHY?


Being 20 years old now… I can see us sticking with this company, for 20 years more.

And beyond.


Because we are SICK of the bullshit. We are SICK of the “get rich quick schemes”

and we are simply sick…Of trying to find a new home every few months.


This is our home, this is our team’s home, and if this ISN’T


If you’re not a reseller, if you’re not All In yet…


It’s my birthday wish for you to move forward, and commit.

I would NEVER tell you to do this, and I would never make

this my birthday wish, UNLESS I can guarantee and promise you that this


company will help you truly change your life.


With both your income and lifestyle. That, is why it’s my birthday wish.

And that’s why what’s ahead, for US…


Is going to be incredible. Our team are NOT program hoppers.

We aren’t in this just for a quick breeze in the wind.


We’re in this to help you change YOUR life.


Login or become a reseller through that link above…

As well, become All In, because this is going to be your home for YEARS to come.



We are here together. And I know you’ll help me, help you, fulfill my birthday wish that’s for you.



With our kindest regards,


John Weberg

Richard Weberg

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