Look at how pathetic I have let myself get..


Nearly 300 pounds I weigh now..

Every day I am in pain now..


But it is time to end that, and stop making

I have been making excuses about my health for
way to long..

And I am paying for it..I even have a disease

I have never made excuses in my online marketing
or businesses..

I have always tried to help and inspire others in
this area, and have helped many thousands of

But if I do not start paying more attention to my
health, I am not going to be around much longer..


Thankfully, we are very good friends with Joel
Therien, the CEO of Now LifeStyle..

Through our friendship and our membership with
NowLifeStyle, it has finally sunk in my thick
headed skull..

That I personally got to change..

My focus has to be my health first…

That is what Now LifeStyle enables me to do, and
make money at the same time..

Just by sharing my own journey with others, and
sharing the great products and services..

We have made a ton of money already from Now
LifeStyle, $200,000.00,  but I was not committed to getting
healthier, we have always bought the products,
but I was not staying consistent with getting
moving in life..

I would start and stop..

I kept making excuses..


Well I’m done with making excuses, when it comes
to my health, I am following Joel, and the
workouts provided to me by Now LifeStyle

I want to invite you personally to take this
journey with me, to focus on health..

Living Life, happiness, and making money at the
same time!

We all should always put our health first, we
always think we have forever, and for many it
becomes to late!

I am not going to let this be me, and neither
should you..

Lets take this journey together and inspire
millions of other people to Total Empowerment!

Our Transformation Together Begins Now!

Your Friends And Partners
Richard And John Weberg

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