This may sound weird, but it is the wake up call
I needed to make a real change. The last several
years I have let my health go to the wayside, and
I have gained an incredible amount of weight.

Every year I get a little bit fatter..

In the last 5 years my waste has gone from a 36
to a 46..And I am almost 300Lbs now….

I am a fat man!!

I have used my bad back as an excuse for way to
long… I never make excuses for my business or
in my marketing online, in fact I am always
trying to help others get rid of their excuses in
their business endeavors, so that they may find
more success financially..

We always think we have forever, we always think
disease wont happen to us..

Then it hits us…diabetes, cancer, heart attack,
stroke, even death..

Because we waited just a little bit to long to
make a change..

Working from home may sound very glamorous to
most people, but it has its own pitfalls..Yes, I
can take time off when I want… Yes, I can go on
vacation when I want, and 10 times a year… Yes,
I can get a pay raise when I want..Etc

I am financially free..

But…Working behind a computer screen, sitting
for hours, takes its toll on your body, it
literally destroys it..

Anyone with a sitting job or sits for long
periods of time daily, has a HUGE RISK for mega
health problems!!

When I worked a traditional job, I moved around
for 8 hours a day or more, my body was constantly in
motion.. Plus I worked out, I was super active…

Than I got free from my job, because of internet
marketing and sitting at my computer for long
periods of time..

I forgot about my health because I was so
inactive physically..

Now I am not bashing internet marketing, it has
made me a fortune over the years..

No, I am mad at myself, because I let my self
become inactive, I made excuses that my back
prevented me from being physically
active..because it hurt all the time..

Excuse after excuse..

Well, I finally went to my doctor three weeks ago
for some test, because all of my joints were
killing me, and I had many other weird symptoms,
I knew something was wrong with me..

After all my test came back..

Diagnosis was..High blood pressure, high glucose
levels, raised liver levels (Fatty Liver), and tested positive
for autoimmune disease..(Have to see a specialist now.)

Plus my doctor told me I am morbidly obese!!

Time to make a change…A big change!

The solution has been sitting in front of my face
the whole time..

Now LifeStyle

Me and John have been a member for the last
almost 3 years, and have made $200,000.00 from
promoting it.

But both me and John were inconsistent following
the health side of Now LifeStyle..

Big mistake!!

So since I got my wake up call from my testing 3
weeks ago, both me and John work out every week,
we follow all of NowLifeStyle health protocol and
work outs. We take our supplements every single

No more screwing around..

You can make all of the money in the world, but
if your unhealthy or dead, does not matter much…

So now we are on a mission, to help inspire other
people to take this journey with us. One step at
a time, we will do it together and become
accountable for our health, wealth and

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