This is how you raise your conversion rates and increase your online sales, no matter what you are selling online.(Watch this video)



1. You need an autoresponder- Build your email list

2. You need a an email series that converts leads into customers and sales

Go here for Tips on writing emails that will help you increase your conversion rate and make more sales.

3. You need multiple products to sell, like this.

Doesn’t it make sense that everyone on your list will not be interested in the same product..?


4. You Need Automation – A funnel process that takes leads from opt-in to your multiple sales pages, than your autoresponder goes to work and sends them your follow up emails automatically.
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5. You need targeted website traffic, you need to feed your machine!

Depending on the niche you are in, will determine where you will want to get targeted website traffic from.

Solo Ad Services are better for the make money online niche, or if your selling marketing tools or training.





Search Engine traffic, this includes PPC, Blogging, Youtube. This would include all niches and products.


Here is a awesome resource for learning Bing PPC ads.
Pay Per Click (Training And Software For Bing)


Facebook Ads, All niches as well. In my experience if you go this route, it would be better to find and hire a Facebook ads manager, as their guidelines of what is accepted is always changing, and there is fierce competition there.

The last step is (Optimization), tweaking your entire process, your subject lines, your ad copy, your lead capture pages, etc.

You want to make sure that people are opening your emails and clicking thru to your sales pages, and that all starts with your subject lines.

Go here for Tips optimizing your subject lines.


This is how you raise your conversion rates and increase your online sales, it does not matter what niche you are in, or what you are selling, this whole
process outlined above is how you create a well oiled money making machine that is optimized to get you the most conversion and sales possible from your time, effort and investment..

One of our funnels Click here
You can see how it all works in action, and copy and paste your way to success..

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