"If you put Bananas and money in front of Monkeys, the monkeys will choose the bananas, because monkeys do not understand that money can buy a whole lot of bananas! In reality, if you offer a job or a business to most people, they would choose the job, because most people do not understand that a business can bring more Money than wages from a job. Profit is better than wages, for wages can only make you a living, but profits can bring you a fortune!" Said by Jack Ma, the richest man in China...


I just love that analogy Jack Ma gave, because of the truth it speaks..

And too many people in life choose the Bananas..Than wonder why they are broke all of the time..

This is one of the most important concepts you can learn, in wanting to make money online, because it is a business, it is not a job..

The sooner you start treating it like a real business, the sooner it will work for you in a HUGE way..

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