“Are you serious? I’ve heard this 20 times already.” Yes, this is the honest truth. In

order for you to build this, your own business.

Into a 6+figure income, you have 2 daily tasks.

We ONLY do these 2 things every day ourselves, and that’s how we’ve became 6+ figure earners with Now Lifestyle.


  1. Send traffic to a system that builds you multiple incomes.
  2. Email and communicate with your leads you generate in that business daily.

There IS no secret sauce.

There is NO golden diamond rare ultra rare secret.

There is NO get rich in 20 seconds formula written on the backside of an Arabian camel.


Marketing in any business in the entire world, works on bringing in customers, and following up with those customers.


Do you get how simple this can be for you?

What if we setup the entire system for, showed you how to email and communicate with your leads, and GAVE you our highest converting traffic sources?


Would you like that??

Well, this is serious…We’re giving it all to you right here, if you follow the instructions on the videos, you can literally

copy and paste the entire multiple income stream self duplicating funnel in a single day.


Would you like to have your entire business up and running and earning tonight or tomorrow?

Go ahead and get started here!

This, is SIMPLE, if you follow this right here….



We have been doing this stuff for over 27+ combined years in January, we know what works for our family and team members…

So we made this for you, please use it for yourself and for your team, they will love you for it!

With our kindest regards,

John Weberg

Richard Weberg