The statistics say no…

Why is that..?

Because most people try and recreate the wheel,
they do not take the time to follow
instructions..and learn..

They try and do it their OWN WAY..

I did the same thing my first 2 and a half years
online, and I made nothing, the big -0-

I was actually in the negative..

The good thing I did, is I carried on, I made a
decision to never quit..And eventually started
following instructions, I became a student..

I learned everyday, I watched marketing videos
over and over again..and took immediate action on
what I learned..

The best decision I ever made!

Because it was in that decision that I started a
done for you system, that walked me by the hand
on building my email list..

I started focusing in on only that, I started
investing my money in to high converting traffic..

And my income took off, I remember it like it was
yesterday..I was so excited I practically wet my
self.. lol

It was at that moment, the light bulb had finally
gone off, and I knew I was going to be

Because I finally understood how marketing
actually worked online..

 See it is not that people can not make a
full-time living online, heck there are new
millionaires created everyday because of the

It is that we are our own worst enemy in getting

We want it to be instant, we live in a instant

Think about years ago, you had to actually get up
to answer the phone, it was connected to the wall
somewhere in your house..

We had to physically get up to change the channel
on our TVs..

We had hand cranks on our car windows..

Now we just click or tap buttons..

Every thing requires less work to get the same

The changes in technology have made us fatter and
lazier..It has changed our entire world and our
demand for immediate gratification!

That is why we expect it to be that same way with
making money online, and why so many fail to make
a full-time living doing it..

We do not want to take the time to even learn, we
just want to tap or push a few buttons and get

We want our money, and we want it now!


The sad thing is, this stuff is actually truly
foolishly simple..But because of our need for
immediate instant gratification, we get in our
own way of success..

And instead of investing into ones future income,
people spend their money on more instant

Oh but I got to have the latest and greatest
phone, even though mine still works..

Oh I better get a matching watch phone to, I do
not want to miss any calls..

Oh I need a bigger TV, my 60 inch is not big
enough anymore..

Oh I need a new car, my tire went flat..That’s to
much work to change the tire, easier to just get
a new car..

Oh I need to go out to eat again for the 10th
time this week..I do not have time to cook my
meals, that is a lot of work..

Oh I can not miss my favorite shows on TV even
though they make me sit on the couch and do

Oh I got to buy Alexa, (She, He) can play my
music, wash my back and even do my dishes..UGG?#!

Oh I need a another 5 TVs, they are on sale and I
do not have enough of them..Well its black
Friday, or some holiday sales, I know I just need
those TVs..

What..?? Invest money into buying quality traffic
to build my business and income, what are you
F*cking crazy..??? I do not have any money!!

Know anyone like this..??

When you spend money on immediate instant
gratification, you will always be broke..and will
always be in debt..And will never make a
full-time living online..

I guarantee it!

We chose delayed gratification..We found ways to
invest more and more money into our business, so
that it would grow and flourish..

And it has done just that..

Now we can do what we want, when we want, and buy
what ever we want for cash…

We got out of our own way..

So that we could live a truly incredible

One that is free from money worries..

One that is free from financial stress..

And believe it or not, we have seen many people
buy into an opportunity online, than turn around
and call it a scam, because they thought buying
into the opportunity itself would make them
instant money..

They actually thought that was all they needed to
do..They didn’t think they would need to do
anything after that, like market it?

But its not their fault, because that is where
society has gone, you purchase something to get
immediate gratification.. Than if that item does
not work or give you that immediate
gratification, it is junk, a scam, does not

Your mindset is everything, it will make you or
break you..

It is truly the difference between failure and

You will choose how you react to everything in
this world, and how you react will lead you down
a certain path..

It is always the result of the actions taken or
not taken..

Only you can decide where you go from here.

“You can lead a horse to water but you can not
make it drink”

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Much love
Your Friends And Partners
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