Almost nothing..Because crack addicts work harder than 90% of all wanna be internet marketers..

They understand the word “Hustle”

See a crack addict has a big dream, and they never give up until they get that dream every single day..

The average crack addict spends on average $100 to $300 a day on crack…

And most of them are completely homeless, and have no job, or money..

So how do they do it..?

They “hustle”, they literally will pan handle, wash windshields, sell their bodies or what ever else they need to do to get the money to buy more crack each day..

Literally..They have a dream, and they cant live without it….

Now this story is not to have you become a crack

But it is to illustrate how important it is to define your dream, so you are almost as motivated as a crack addict to go after it!

It is amazing how motivated this addiction make these people, that they are literally going to do, what ever it takes to get it..

This is how I was when I first got started with internet marketing, as most of you know already, my back was against the wall years ago, and I made it happen, even though I had some huge obstacles in my way..

You can see my story here, I even show you the exact welfare housing project I use to live in..

One of the very sad statistics with internet marketing, is that 90% of the people who try to do this stuff, almost do nothing, they haphazardly join or buy stuff, most of the time, not even ever logging in again or using the IM product they purchased..

They fail to ever take any action, seriously they do nothing..

I know this for a fact, because I have been doing this stuff for over 15 years, and I see it every single day..

This stuff is not rocket science, with all the how to videos, webinars, skype, live Facebook help and done for you systems there is now a days, it is actually foolishly simple..The only way to fail is to not do anything, or quit altogether..


That’s it..plain and simple..

Why do we make tons of money, because we took action, and never stopped taking action, just like a crack addict..We had a dream that motivated us to get the job done everyday!!

Define your dream and get it done my friend!

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