Throughout me and my son John’s internet marketing careers, people have always wanted to be able to use our opt-in pages, bridge pages and landing pages, we have always created our own to increase our marketing results.


..And because we have always made our own webpages or have had pages made for us, we have always had extraordinary results, compared to most other people promoting the same things.



Now over the many years we have been doing internet marketing, we have used many webpage builders, and funnel creator systems, some were good and some were okay.


But now that we have finally settled upon funnel creator system for the long haul, we have released our new 6+ Figure Now LifeStyle Funnel for everyone to use..


This funnel has literally been responsible for creating over $497.00 a day and some days thousands of dollars, yesterday we made over $5000.00..

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Not only do we give you the complete set up of this funnel, using screen share on video, we give you the exact traffic sources we are buying traffic from and driving to our lead capture page for this funnel..

These are some of the top solo ad sellers online.


Truly all of the hard work has been done for you in creating this funnel, and it is just follow along by video, copy and paste set up..truly brain dead simple..

We even give you the first like 15 follow emails that go in your autoresponder auto-magically through a share code..


This stuff truly is not rocket science..

No different than how you got good at your job..

You went to work everyday, and over time you learned it, than eventually you got so
good at your job you were able to teach it to someone else..

Make sense..?


Think about us as your person who trained you in at your job..

We have 25 years combined experience doing this internet marketing stuff, and we designed a funnel for complete newbies.


Only two questions left to ask you.

Would you eventually like to make over $497.00 a day extra online?


What would your life be like if you did..?


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Richard And John Weberg

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