Seriously, I was and am that excited, my whole body was vibrating for hours after we got that email..

Immediately after getting it, I sent Joel Therien a text message and so did my son Jon.


This was my reply below that I posted in the main Now LifeStyle Facebook group, after Joel Therien shared that text message back and forth with me and John.

I am still vibrating from that email I am so excited, the value that you have added to our Now LifeStyle business, is absolutely really insane!! Currently me and Jon pay $54.99 monthly just for ZOOM web conferencing by it self…
Dear Richard And John Weberg,

Thank you for your March payment. It has been successfully processed and applied to your account. Below you will find details of the transaction.

Zoom Account Number: (hidden)
Payment Method: Credit Card
Payment Date: 03/16/2018
Amount: $54.99 US Dollar

With Now LifeStyle, just our web conferencing software alone now, provides more value beyond, any other product our service out there for marketers.

Then add in all the other products and services we already have..

Done For You Lead Capture System
Done For You Lead Capture Pages
Done For You Follow Up Emails
Webinar Links
Facebook Live Links
Facebook advertising system
Guaranteed Paid Sign Ups
Done for you Facebook leads
Done for you webinars
On demand workouts
Customized nutrition
Full blown Auto responder with 50,000 subscriber capacity

And now to top it off, our own better than Zoom, Go To Meeting, web conferencing software…ALL FOR ONLY $50.00 monthly!!

Can you see now why I almost wet
As a marketer with over 15 years of experience doing this stuff, no other business product suite or opportunity has EVER even came close to what you are now providing us with Joel!!

I have truly never been this excited as I am right now..A Massive explosion is coming to those who seize this opportunity, it is ABSOLUTELY A NO-BRAINER decision to anyone wanting to pursue making money online!!

Many Lives will be changed drastically in the next 12 months! We had already made almost $100,000 in 9 months, the way the system was..

I implore all of you to go after this with everything you have.. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Joel Therien and the Now LifeStyle Team!!


Any experienced marketer, who has been paying for any of these products and services, understands the value in what each of these products and services would cost you if you had to buy them separately in the market place. Over this past year, we cut our marketing budget in half, because of Now LifeStyle.

We can sell these all as separate products or the complete Now LifeStyle opportunity, this builds massive commissions, faster than anything we have ever seen!!

Over the past year we have been emailing our list, doing videos, and posting content all over the place, trying to help people understand where this company is going and why they should get involved and STAY involved..

Now LifeStyle has paid out millions of commissions in less than a year, they will quickly become a billion dollar company over the next few years..

The value we have shared in this post, and the blessings we have received from being part of Now LifeStyle is endless, and this is only the beginning!!

Do not let this be one of those times in your life where.. “should have, could have, wished I had…”

If you are at all looking to at all improve your life and make great things happen, make it your time now, you will never, ever, ever, ever, ever find anything as real, and as good as this!!

Join us now and ride the massive explosion with us, instead of watching it happen..


Your Friends
Richard And John Weberg

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