We promoted something a while back heavily to all of our friends, partners and subscribers..

We did VERY well with it, and so have many other people..

But we have kinda let it be a secret now for a while..


We just let it run in the back ground for the last several months now..

To see what it would do on its own with out promoting it for a while..

And to our absolute Joy…


We have literally made tens of thousands of dollars, and thousands of free leads..(While doing nothing with it)


Yep, did not pay one penny for the leads either!

And we made some additional auto pilot money called click-cash..


Now this click cash we got paid was just for people clicking on our emails, and that was with us not doing much of anything the last several months with this system we have kinda kept secret..


Yes, you will get paid, even if no one joins you in the system it self..(You need to follow the instructions of course)

We needed and wanted to see what it would do running on nothing but autopilot..

We are VERY HAPPY to say the least!


So now that are testing phase of doing nothing with it, after our first promotions of it are over..

We will be going gang busters with it, ALL OUT!

But before we share with you exactly what it is..


We need to explain something..


You all know me and Johns main promotions is all about building our Now LifeStyle business and helping our team members build income in it.


Number #1, Now LifeStyle gives people everything they need to build a successful business online.

 Landing page builder
 Authority website builder
 Email autoresponder
 HD video hosting/sharing- Ad free
 Live video conference room


So Now LifeStyle is our main gig, and this is where we build our main list with, our Now LifeStyle autoresponder
(It is referred to as Sendshark)


Now we explain all this, because we do not want to confuse you in reopening the doors to our little secret..

The system we are about to share with you, is powered by our Now LifeStyle Autoresponder (Sendshark)..


So if you are already a member of Now LifeStyle or own just the autoresponder Sendshark, you have the autoresponder that powers this system for us already, and can connect to this system with the click of the mouse in the back office of the system we are going to share with you in a moment..


We just want you to realize in promoting and sharing this secret system with you, we are still focused on building Now Lifestyle with it, because it does build our Now LifeStyle downline (Sendshark)

It is just another means to do so, because of the system being powered by the Now LifeStyle autoresponder..


And the system allows you over time, to build a massive lead flow on complete autopilot, and eventually like we have experienced, once you have gained some momentum with it, your leads will keep flowing in for free, Just like ours have!

Hence more people to share our Now LifeStyle business with..


And the Click-Cash keeps on a coming in as well, even though we had stopped promoting it…

These two things alone are HUGE!

If you know anything about marketing, you know how huge this really is..


Leverage & Leads is everything in this industry, and this system provides you MAXIMUM Leverage & Leads on autopilot once you get the wheels moving like we did…


So here it is, the system that has made us residual income multiple ways & passive leads, while we were letting it run on COMPLETE autopilot..

Click here to learn more and get started.

Once your in your members area in the system, you will provide your Now LifeStyle (Sendshark username and password) in  the fast start steps, in doing so, it will create a email marketing campaign in your Now lifestyle(Sendshark) autoresponder automatically!

The automation here is amazing..



Your going to love it!

Click here and get the secret system now.

Much love
Your Friends And Partners
Richard And John Weberg

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