When what you do, just works! This is the club you want to aspire to
belong too..We can not wait for the changes that will happen in your
life, when you make a decision to just go after all of your dreams
and goals..The dot come lifestyle is like no other, it gives you
Freedom, to make all of your own decisions in life, and to be able to
help others..


One of my own personal biggest goals was to be able to do random acts
of kindness. Like your in line at the grocery store and you pay for
someones groceries, a complete stranger you have never even met..Or
you go out to dinner with your spouse and you pay for someones dinner
anonymously….When you make enough money in your life, your stress
level goes down 100X, you can do things that at one time would have
never entered your thought process..


I started my own journey in the basement of someone living in section
8 welfare housing..Thats how poor I was, we literally lived in
someones basement in a welfare housing complex. We actually were
waiting for our own housing to become available, because at the time
it was full, and we had no where else to go. They actually busted us,
when the property manager came and did an inspection on their place,
and said we had to leave, that we were not paying to live there, and
that was against their rules..Luckily they gave us two weeks to get
out, and by that time a apartment opened up for us.. This is where we
started our internet marketing journey at..


I write this today, to give you hope, if you circumstances happen to
be grim like ours were, we want you to know, you can do this, it does
not matter your circumstances, you just need to never give up, and
keep focused on your dreams and goals, because they can be a reality
for you!! Your maybe just ONE DEGREE OFF from hitting the bullseye!
The reason more people are not successful online, is because they
give up to easily, and usually it is at the moment, where they would
have started seeing success..


Always remember this, burn it into your memory..

” It is not the opportunity itself that will set you free, it is the learning and
mastering of the process that will”


Quit jumping from opportunity to opportunity..It does not matter what
you are promoting, you will not make money with it, if you do not
have an autoresponder..It is in the process that the money will
come..Get really, Really good at feeding your machine leads, and
following up using your autoresponder..This is how all marketers
become successful, through a process..When you have a successful
process set up, do not abandon it, because it is that process that
will make you all of the money, not the program, or the products.
Sure it is better to have good products and services to sell..But the
process is how you sell anything online, and that is exactly what we
give you with the Ultimate 6+ Figure system.. The three income
streams in our funnel, Sendshark/Now LifeStyle, Clickbank, and
ClickFunnels are masters at the process, they are real companies,
that have helped more people become millionaires than all of the
other programs and opportunities online combined, because just like
we do, these three companies are masters at the process and teach it
to others.


Do not fall for the hype, do not believe the grass is greener on the
other side, just because you see people on facebook, or other social
media, opening packages of money, or claiming what they are doing is
better..Do not be that person who Falls for everything, jumps from
business opportunity to business opportunity, that is called a
SUCKER! And everytime you shift your energy away from the process,
because you believe it is easier elsewhere, is why and how you keep
losing…Because it is energy spent on things that do not produce the
money. Joining an opportunity guarantees you NOTHING…Everyone who
is earning large sums of money online, is a master at the process,
and is building their own email list, and following up, that is where
the money is made, not in the opportunity itself..


When you have mastered the process you can sell anything successfully
online, and yes you could even sell ice to eskimos.. It is why you
see the same people over and over making money from what ever they
are doing, because they have mastered the process..


Always Remember my friend…

” It is not the opportunity itself that
will set you free, it is the learning and mastering of the process
that will”


You can not escape that truth, and the sooner you realize this, is
when you will plant your feet in the process, and make all of your
dreams and goals come true!!

We are here for you, and believe in you, with love and friendship..


Your Friends and Partners
Richard And John Weberg


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