Then there are a couple key things you need to do.

See back in 2003 I turned to the internet, because
our local economy was in the toilet (Click here to read me and Johns story)

I used to sit at my computer and cry late at
night when everyone was sleeping..

It took me almost 3 years before I made a profit.

Now before you feel sorry for me, it was my own
fault, entirely!

Because I tried to do things my own way, even
though I knew what I should have been doing.

I had read 1000 times I should be building my
email list, and I just would not listen.

Then finally one day, after failing over and over
again to make sales, I finally had a light bulb
aha moment and listened..

I started building my email list, I used one of
those done for list building systems, like this one here.

Yep, and low and behold it worked!

I finally started making some money.

Now it was not a lot at first but at least I knew
it was working..

The next step in my evolution was in buying solo
ads traffic.

At first I only used free traffic methods,
which was slow, and painful, as the results were
too slow.

So I started buying traffic by the click.

I was purchasing at first monthly according to my
budget back then, which was super small. So it was
like $50 monthly..

And I just kept buying traffic every month, my
subscriber list started building much faster, and
more and more sales started coming..

I just kept reinvesting my profits back in, and
started buying more traffic every month,
eventually it was in the thousands of dollars per

So was my income as well, because that traffic was
targeted and people were purchasing my offers.

Eventually I was able to leave my job, and what an
amazing feeling it was!

No more boss, no more going back and forth to
work, and no more living paycheck to paycheck..

I was free!

My whole point in telling you all of this, is
because you can eventually quit your job as well,
when you finally start doing what works online to
make money.

Quit doing it the wrong way, focus on email
marketing, and getting targeted traffic, because
without these two things you will never make it

Set up Your Free Account

Trust me I tried…

Trial and error sucks..

Start building your email list, and if you are,
start getting targeted traffic every single month,
without fail, no matter how small your budget is.

Mine was small too at first, but now it’s a
different story.

Your Story can be one of success as well.

Do what we do, and you will make it, but you can
not let up, be consistent in all that you do.

Being inconsistent, procrastinating is a killer, and will sabotage your efforts.

  • You are what you do daily.
  • You first form your habits – then your habits form you.
  • It’s just as easy to form habits of success as it is to form habits of failure.


It will take some time, but you will get there..

Your Friends And Partners

Richard And John Weberg