You may, or may not have heard of their names throughout these years.


I know for myself, when I was first getting started marketing, and at

10 years old, I heard the name Omar Martin a bunch and John Beal as well…


Of course, as the years have gone by, names have

come and gone…

And as these years have past, and the names have as well.


What’s the 1 secret key, that decides who’s name is on

those leaderboards, and whose names are heard and seen…?


There is NONE! My dad Richard and I have

learned with and surrounded our selves with some of the world’s best.


The ONLY difference between the successful, and

those who aren’t…


No secrets, but…


  1. The mindset and dedication. Those who are on the leaderboards and winning. THEY, do not quit. EVER.

     2. They spend time & money. Those who are ahead of the game and in the lead. They spend their time, and money. Because they understand that NOTHING comes free and it takes work to move forward.


Yep, that’s right. The only 2 things that will help you move forward , right now.


Is your dedication, and amount of time and money you spend on your business.


Of course, as you move forward we’re going to help

you raise your conversion, and improve your lifestyle so


you have MORE time & and money, for yourself and your family.


That’s why your decision to become a reseller,

or to go All In…. Are so unimaginably important for you to do.


By putting that skin in the game…You show to your team, and future team,

and yourself.


That YOU…


Are committed, and SERIOUS.


I mean…Would you ever join someone who wasn’t serious and didn’t dedicate themselves

to their business?


That’s why now, when you decide you feel ready to

win, and ready to become the leader you truly can be.


This is where you can be like the leaders,

dedicate your time and money…To earn what you deserve!


Otherwise, you will stay behind, and stay following the pack in the shadows.


We believe in you.

And once you get started, you’re going to get every step you need to take,

to earn 6-7 figures.


We have an entire training system built ONLY for NLS.


Go ahead, get started, and once you do we’ll send the training directly to you.


YOU, have what it takes!


With our kindest regards,

John Weberg

Richard Weberg

Maybe you recognize some of these people..? You could be here with us!

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