My son John and I have been in this industry for a long time, in fact, I have been involved now over 15 years, and John has been for over 10…


The one area we see people mess up over and over again, is in the consistency of their actual income producing activities..

See, there are only certain actions that you take, that will produce the money you seek..


Number 1 on that list, is if you have no targeted website traffic, your never going to make it..(Lead Flow)


But here in lies the problem, is people fail to get enough of it on a regular basis..

No consistent lead flow = Nobody to follow up with, which = NO money


Making money online is actually very simple, it is only a process..

Learn the process, repeat the process over and over again, and money comes in the door..


That process all starts with your flow of targeted traffic..

And once you start that flow, do not stop it.


Not every lead you get, is going to join you in your business opportunity or purchase something from you immediately..

You do not wait around for the results to come in and hover of your leads waiting for them to buy, you keep getting more leads..


As you build your email list (Leads) you will have your ready now’s, your ready laters, and your ready way laters..


There are people who are ready to join you now, and purchase products from you, but you need to have enough leads flowing in at all times to find them..


Me and John, literally sponsor over 60 to 100+ paid members into our Now LifeStyle business every month..


How do we do this..?

We buy traffic every single week..religiously, without fail..

On top of that, we also generate free targeted traffic, we keep our foot on the gas pedal and lead flow on, AT ALL TIMES!


I know most people really do not understand the importance of sticking to an advertising budget every week..

But it is no different than if you owned a conventional offline brick and mortar store, if no people are walking in the door everyday, your not going to make any money!!


This is why in the online world as well, you use a lead capture system or autoresponder, so you can get your leads to walk through your door more than once…

Because not everybody buys the first time they come on in..


Make sense..?


So keep that targeted traffic a flowing and your lead flow on!!

Follow up, follow up, send an email to your list every single day and the results will come!


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