Think there’s a “Saucy Secret Your Guru Won’t Tell You?”


Or what about…”5-year old does they 3 things and makes millions!”


Every day you hear all of these amazing claims, and guess what…

Often they sound sweet, but you NEVER get what you’re promised.


Or you only receive HALF and then you have to pay for the rest.







That isn’t really to fun to experience is it?


So instead let’s quickly give you the whole deal AND then some.


  1. You need a solid company.

This one is obvious. But, what is a solid company? Obviously, you need a real company with integrity.

You need a company that pays you well. You need a company that has everything you need in a single

place. Only about ~1% of companies offer that. In 25+ years we have only found Now Lifestyle to have it.

      2. You need an automated system to build that company. This saves you time, helps create duplication, and will literally multiply the amount of people you earn from exponentially. This is truly what every successful business and marketer has in place.

   3. You need a schedule and successful mentor to follow. Myself and my dad Richard have always

followed those who were doing extremely well, because they’ve been there before and have

gone through the ropes.


Doesn’t this make sense?


Following proven success, a automated system with everything you need, and

a person or team that shows you the way.


Well to be brutally honest, and to tell you the real 100%…

We are giving you that, right now.


Anything and everything you can even imagine, is at your disposal.

We are a family, we are a team, and we are in this together.



IF, you haven’t already my friend, your first step is to become a reseller.

Following that, you will want to go All In. You do not want to miss out on commissions.

If we didn’t go All In, we would have lost over $30,000.


Do NOT loose out.


Here’s where you can see how serious we are, and if you feel like it,

take the decision to move forward.


We’re on our way to our personal multi-million dollar team.

And YOU, are going to be there with us.







Do not be the one to miss out on this.

We don’t want to have to say, we told you so.


This is YOUR shot. This is YOUR team.

We are IN this TOGETHER!


With our kindest regards,


Johnathan Weberg

Richard Weberg

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