Well you number 1, you must be building your email list..


Email marketing is the key to success online, because you have the ability to follow up
with those that show interest in your offers.


I say this again, this is the most important marketing
activity one can do to make money online. Do not take
this process lightly! This is the most important! Get
this wrong and you won’t make any money, NO MATTER
WHAT you are trying to promote!


Number 2, you need to be using REAL Traffic..Traffic is people..


So when you buy real traffic, these people get sent to your lead capture page, then
if they are interested they put in their email to get more information.


You can then send further emails to these leads now anytime you want, by broadcasting
an email to them every single day at the push of a button from your autoresponder..


Some of the people on our email lists, have become our very dear friends..


We have traveled around the world with many of them..


Email marketing is communication, and that is what leads people to buy from you, or join you in an affiliate program like List Leverage.


Where do you get a lead capture page?

You either learn to make and host them yourself or you join a
program that gives you lead capture pages as part of your
membership (like List Leverage does).


“This is the single most horrific mistake I personally made my first two and a half years online and why I didn’t make any money those first years!”


Learn from others’ experience and don’t make the same
mistake. Start building your email list today!

Please watch this short video Click here


We want to help you get to your goals and dreams..

You do not have to go and learn how to set this all up all by your self, it is why
we promote and share List Leverage with you, they make as easy as counting 1, 2, 3, 4..


Much love
Your Friends and Partners
Richard and John Weberg

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