How are all the rockstars online making those BIG

I can answer that in two words: email marketing.

Here is what they do:

1) They send all of their traffic to lead capture pages with their offer.


 Lead capture page example:


2) People submit their email to get more information.

3) Their info gets stored in what is called an auto responder.

4) Through the autoresponder they than follow up by sending valuable
emails with more info.


That’s what building an email list/email marketing is in a

It takes an average of 5- 10 times of someone seeing your
message before they take action on it.

So being able to follow up multiple times and add value is a
absolute must!


Walmart uses email marketing every day, and so does every successful person, and company online!

You signed up to get specials at Walmart probably…

You still get coupons and deals sent to you right?

That’s email marketing at work. It is what drives the internet..


I did not build my email list or use any email marketing
for the first 2 and a half years I was online.

Guess what happened?
Nothing. Except lots of FAILURE.

If you are NOT building your email list for your offers, do not ever expect those big
paychecks as it will never happen…

Don’t do like I did!


Take the fast track to big results…Do what works!


What do you need to start using email marketing.

1) A Lead capture page builder

2) An auto responder

3) Web hosting

4) Email follow up letters

5) And of course something to sell


Now you could purchase all this stuff separately, and learn how to tie it all together your self..

But that can be time consuming, frustrating and very costly, especially if you bought all of these things separately..


Or get a completely done for you lead capture system like the one we use.
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Or if you want to do it all on your own, then check this out:
Send Shark Autoresponder Service

No matter which path you choose, MAKE sure to build your email


Remember email marketing is an absolute must if you wish to fast track your results online!

No matter what you are trying to promote..


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