In the last video me and John just did together, we opened our prize that we just won for
taking first place in the last List Leverage affiliate contest we participated in…

Now we didn’t do it to brag and show off..We wanted to share more about the ethics of the company we have been heavily involved in promoting..

You can watch it now to see what we mean..



This video is only like 6 minutes long, but it is what we share in the video that is so important..


We want our readers, subscribers and followers to join our Team, and we want them to know what kind of company and people are behind it..

Matthew Neer and Greg Chambers are two very amazing, and caring guys, who operate with the most integrity we have ever seen in the affiliate marketing space.

They always over deliver, and practically give away the farm to motivate people to do what is necessary to make money online,
they have incentivized pretty much everything for us..


In this last 90 day contest they ran, they did something totally different, and in the video we explain what they did..

It should become the gold standard for affiliate contest!


We are extremely proud and honored to be part of the ListLeverage system and family! We appreciate both the owners and company a ton!

If you have not joined us yet, you can check it out here now >>>Click HERE>>>

Have a fabulous day!

Much love
Your Friends And Partners
Richard And John Weberg

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