Story of the little Engine that thought it could..

In a railroad yard long ago stood an extremely long and
heavy train that had to be pulled up and over a 
large hillside before it could reach its

The superintendent of the yard was 
not sure what it was
best for him to do, since no Engine had ever climbed that
hill before especially with such a long heavy train… So
 went up to the largest, oldest engine they had and
 “Do you think Can you pull that train over the

“It is a very heavy train,” responded the Engine, “I am not
sure I can do it
. I might fail, I better not try”

He then went to another great Engine and 
 “Can you
pull that train over the hill?”

“It is a very 
unusually large hillside ,” it replied.
am not sure I can do it
. I might fail, I better not try”

He then went on to ask all the other Engines in the yard,
and they all answered the same way…

The superintendent was very saddened by this, as he did not
know what to do, this train was carrying very important
cargo that had to get to it’s destination by tomorrow. He
looked around the yard in total hopelessness, and out of
the corner of his eye, he caught this very little Engine,
he had not even noticed because it was so small…

Out of desperation, he finally decided to ask this little
Engine, because all of the rest of the Engines were too
afraid and did not believe they could do it…So he 
to the little Engine in total desperation, and he asked
 “Do you believe you can pull that train over the

“I think I can,” responded the little Engine.
 As he said
this, all the much bigger Engines laughed and chuckled, and
called him a fool..


The Superintendent stood there in disbelief, and because he
had no other option he decided to let him try it..

So the order was circulated, and the little Engine
started back so that it might be coupled
 with the train,
and as it went along the rails it
 kept repeating to
itself: “I think I can. I think
 I can. I think I can.”

The coupling was made and the Engine slowly creaked forward
and began
 its journey, and all along the level, as it
toward the ascent, it kept repeating to itself:

“I—think —I can. I —think —I— can. I —think— I

Then it reached the grade of the hill, but its voice could
still be heard: “I think I can. I—– think—–I—–can.
I —–think—– I—– can.” 
Higher and higher it
slowly climbed, and its voice 
grew fainter and its words
came slower: 
”I ——-think ——–I——-can.”
little Engine was exhausted and looked like it was ready to

It was almost to the top.
 Just then the little Engine
started to yell..

“I —think —I can. I —think —I—
can. I —think— I —can.!”

It made it to the top.

“I ———can.”

It passed over the top of the hill and began 
crawling down
the opposite slope.

‘I ——think——- I—— can——I—–
thought——I——-could I—– knew—– I—– could. I
can—– I—- can. I did it!”

Feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment, the little
Engine, that believed it could, soared on to it’s
destination to save the day!

When it arrived at his destination, all the other Engines
were there to greet it, including the superintendent, they
all cheered and greeted the little Engine excitingly, as
they knew now, that they could do it as well. They were all
so inspired by what it had accomplished, they all then went
on to carry trains over that unusually large hillside..

The little Engine that thought it could..

You can accomplish anything you set your mind to my friend,
I hope this little story helps illustrate how important and
powerful belief is, and how belief can change your life..

“What ever the mind can conceive and believe it can
achieve” Napoleon Hill

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Richard And John Weberg

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