We believe in giving kudos and recognition to those who TRULY deserve it! 
So we wanted to take a moment today and recognize some of the people in our Now Life Style Team who are making it happen.
Now we are truly sorry when I say, we did not list everyone, our NowLifeStyle Team has grown extremely large and it is not possible to find in the tree and recognize every single person in this email..

Acknowledging some of our Amazing Leaders in our Now LifeStyle Dream Team!

We honor them here and now, and are extremely blessed to have them as friends, partners and fellow Now LifeStyle Team mates.

Congrats our friends, you deserve it, keep rocking it!!

1. Philip Mansour – Emerald
2. Brenda de Reus and Petra –  Sapphire
3. Seely Clark IV – Sapphire
4. Ryan Duska – Platinum
5. Chris Ferenschak – Platinum
6. Donald R Ducharme – Platinum
7. Mark Barton – Platinum
8. Lucienne Fleury – Platinum
9. Heather Frost – Platinum
10. Lonnie Atkins- Platinum
11. John Herzog – Gold
12. Donna Woodbury -Gold
13. Nicole F – Gold
14. Judy King  – Gold
15. Dan Robb – Gold
16. Ricky and Danielle Weberg – Gold
17. Jeff Stacy – Gold
18. Jerry Warnke – Gold
19. Adam Davies – Gold
20. Mike Conkey  – Gold
21. Laurritta Green – Gold
22. Derrick Mkandla – Silver
23. John K. Kwangaba – Silver
24. Jeremy A Brown – Silver
25. Oliver Zander  – Silver
26. Frances Buchanan – Silver
27. James Lawrence  – Silver
28. Randy Sult – Silver
29. Charite Marcellus – Silver
30. Bernard G Lovell – Silver
31. Robert Herzog – Silver
32. Robert Haughwout – Silver
33. John F. Fisher – Silver
34. Douglas Bratley  – Silver
35. Abel Acosta – Silver
36. Gerhard Berard – Silver
37. Don Levy – Copper
38. Silviano Rodriguez – Copper
39. Real Legare – Copper
40. Kerrie Cox – Copper
41. Pua Warnke – Copper
42. Keith Deshaies – Copper
43. Peter Grant – Copper
44. Kevin Clark  – Copper
45. John Bell – Copper
46. Mel Shadley – Copper
And many, many, many more wonderful and awesome people who are making it happen and going after their dreams and goals..
We are extremely proud of all the people in our NowLifeStyle Team, who have decided that they truly want a better lifestyle and are making it happen!!!
We can not wait to meet you all and shake your hands at the Now LifeStyle event in October..
We love being associated with winners, people who are moving and a shaking, and being true leaders..
Leaders attend events and take action to make their lives better..
They positively affect those around them!!
If you have not started your own journey yet, we literally have started mapping out daily actions steps through a series of how to videos, that will guide you step by step..
All you need to do, is stand up and decide, your tired of watching others live a dream lifestyle, and take action right now!
Go here immediately, and just follow the videos..
You can lead a horse to water, but you can not make it drink..
To your absolute success in life our friends, we love you all!
We will see you all very soon..

Richard And John Weberg

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