Bank account? Empty… Saving? Kinda empty…

Affiliate commissions, tiny…


What’s wrong? What’s going on? This is the look at the majority,

the vast majority of marketers lives.


They work – get little results.

They work – get almost no results.
Repeat, and get no results.


What’s the hold up? How can you, actually, start drumming up real sales, and lots of them?

By going back to the basics. The ones you probably forgot about, or maybe even ignore.

Here’s, drum roll please…

  1. Turn your lead flow back on.

Leads are the life blood of your business. The higher the flow, the higher the amount of paid customers going through your door.

(Most likely) Where most businesses go wrong initially, is the don’t keep a consistent and growing lead flow running each day.

If you want to bring your revenue forward like a mad man… Buy, or generate for free from your content,

more leads. As much as possible, every day. Once you have a process that’s automated, and converts, then you scale that baby all the way to

6, 7, 8 figures and beyond.


      2. You don’t actually follow up. So start.

Emailing your list daily is no longer enough. You need to text, call, interact with, and build lasting relationships with

leads and customers alike, in order to not just develop a buying culture, but to also create life-long customers that LOVE

and will spread your products or services.

So follow up, the right away. And you’ll be able to convert customers on 3,4, and possibly even 5 figure cost products and services.


      3. You don’t have an income producing schedule. For yourself, or for those on your team(s).

Do you have a specific daily schedule to follow that is setup so you’re never wasting time, being efficient, and only

doing what converts and that will work towards developing your business forward

and creating and scaling your revenue forward? Most likely no, so work on that.

Know what you need to do, when, and exactly how, in the most efficient way possible, and you’re business will, explode.

In a good way.


Those are just a handful of dozens of ways you can stop having tiny money,

and start bringing into leads and customers to match your expectations and beyond..


Utilize them, and I know you’ll like the end results!

With my kindest regards,
John Weberg