He sat back on his chair, almost falling back realizing…

He knew what his next step was.


That next step, that lead to both my dad, and my own success. That we fell off our chairs realizing.


This image, and what I have to explain next will let you in on these 2 hacks.


Do you see what I’m getting at?


Maybe not…

Here’s what I’m trying to tell you…

No matter where you’re at in life. No matter your level of success or failure.

No matter what you’re going through, or the business you’re building.


There are 2, very important factors to ever lasting forward moving progress.

And to finally reaching the money you’ve been wanting to make for years and maybe even DECADES.


  1. Long term investments. Whether it’s going all in, or buying traffic to fuel your business

Every single entrepreneur that succeeds in ANY shape or form.

They invest in the long run, and understand that the LONG run… Will set them, and set YOU free.


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2. If you aren’t moving forward. You are moving backward. Even staying in the same place is moving backward, because everything else is accelerating!


This means that if you don’t take action now, the time, effort, and money you have no is dwindling done farther and farther.


How long will you wait, until it dwindles to nothing?


But maybe, you haven’t even joined our team yet, and are waiting to invest in yourself…

I just want you to think about and remember…

Even BILLIONAIRES continue investing in themselves for the long run.

Does that, make sense to you?


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Keep being yourself, and kicking ass!


We believe in you, and know you have what it takes!!


With our kindest regards,

John Weberg

Richard Weberg